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Abio Cosmetic

Our mission

We continue to persevere in the research and development of ABIO COSMÉTIC products that combine the benefits of the elements of nature with our daily routine in order to provide our body with soothing nourishment and well-being.

Our values
"Participating for more than 20 years in the distribution of many natural health products by imagining that one day, we would participate in the creation of a line of products with natural properties, free of any chemical addition, thus respecting the needs and trends in cosmetics and health. From there was born ABIO COSMÉTIC. "
Lucie St-Jacques, Founder

Abio Cosmetic

Exceptional results

At Abio, our daily life is to manufacture and concoct beneficial and natural products that offer you exceptional results according to the winning combinations made for the choice of the areas to be treated.

We use ingredients from the first source whether in the choice of our basic elements: the choice of our essential oils with all their benefits, vitamin E and its restorative, anti-aging properties that help protect and maintain the skin, and the winning combinations of collagen with vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid which helps in connective tissue formation, maintenance of more radiant skin and the prevention and treatment of joint pain.

Abio prioritizes well-being and health, Abio offers you constantly evolving products that adapt to our reality and our personal rituals.

Products from here

Made in Quebec

Made in Quebec and distributed in close to a hundred points of sale in Quebec, in a spirit of respect for food guidelines, we are very proud to offer you the result of several years of work by a whole team dedicated to supporting the health and well-being.

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Why Abio?

High quality

Abio is recognized for its premium quality products


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